A Really Hot Day In Kingston

August 03, 2017 saw the extreme maximum temperature record being broken in Kingston, Jamaica.

What was the temperature like?

The maximum temperature recorded at the Norman Manley Int’l Airport was 36.9°C


Was this a record?

Yes, for Norman Manley Int’l Airport, 36.9°C is the highest temperature ever recorded since 1993.

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2017 most likely to have an above-normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Meteorological Service Division wishes to endorse the forecast of the Climate Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as its official seasonal outlook for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This indicates that this year could see above-normal activity during the hurricane season. Most of this activity is predicted to occur during the peak months of the hurricane season: August, September and October. Continue Reading →

New communication products for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Meteorological Service Division is pleased to announce its partnership with Trend Media for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 to November 30).

Trend Media is the largest digital media house in the Caribbean, operating across 23 markets in the Caribbean and is responsible for the Caribbean’s number 1 News App, Loop.

This partnership will allow the Meteorological Service to use Trend’s reach to connect with the over 2.2 million subscribers on the Digicel telecommunication network for the delivery of real time weather warnings via Short Message Service (SMS) and daily weather updates on Loop Jamaica. The weather warnings will include: Severe Weather Alert, Thunderstorm Warning, Flash Flood Watch, Flash Flood Warning, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning. Continue Reading →

Social Media Message About Equinox Phenomenon is a Hoax

A message circulating once again on social media, which attributes extremely high temperatures being experienced to an “Equinox phenomenon” are not accurate and are not, in fact, from the Meteorological Service in Jamaica.

The text suggests that temperatures may reach 40 degrees Celsius and could cause sun stroke and dehydration. It further goes on to recommend actions aimed at hydrating the body in a bid to prevent heat stroke.

Although the concept of the equinox is real, where the sun’s position in relation to the earth provides exactly 12 hours of sunlight twice per year in March and September, this phenomenon is not currently being experienced. Continue Reading →

What is Climate Change?

Climate change can be defined as distinct changes in measures of climate lasting for a long period of time. It is therefore not ‘weather’ which a day-to-day phenomenon. Climate can vary on long timescales due to a variety of reasons including due to natural variations and also due to human induced activity. It is the change due to human activity which is most often being referenced when climate change is discussed. The human induced change results from increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide and water vapour) in the atmosphere as a result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

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New Website Launched!!!

After months of development, our new website is finally live!!!

This launch will mark the change to a more accessible Met Service, one that embraces the technological tools available to communicate pertinent information to the general public. Though launched, the actual rollout of our site is a process, so please bear with us as we move to populate the site with our data.